How to play roulette? Game strategy
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How to play roulette? Game strategy

The roulette strategy will be started by conversing roulette chances. This varies depending on whether we are playing French or European roulette and the type of bet placed. remind you that American roulette has two zeros, so the advantage of the mad player is 5.26%. That’s a lot, because for French roulette with one zero, the casino profit is only 2.7%, so it’s not difficult to guess which type of roulette players like to play the most.

So what’s the deal with roulette systems? You’ve probably heard of them more than once, but you probably still don’t know what to do to win at roulette. Playing roulette is one hundred percent a game of chance and you cannot predict the result that will appear after the spin ends. No roulette strategy will win you. It can only increase its mathematical probability. There are three known roulette strategies. Here they are:

  1. Martingale system

This method involves doubling your bet with each loss. For example: If your just lost bet was EUR 2, you bet EUR 4 on the next round. This roulette strategy involves the risk of losing money rapidly or, if you play for a high stake, reaching the maximum stake allowed in the casino.

  1. The Martinez system

This strategy involves betting the same number 35 times on the roulette wheel and it results from the belief that the number you choose will win at one time. This strategy happens also not to be very operative.

  1. Probability testing

The third strategy is to place a selected group of bets and test them. We place bets on numbers belonging to one column, dozens, or lines, etc. Then we do a test consisting of placing 5 spins of the roulette wheel. Each group of plants is assigned one letter of the alphabet. For example, if in the test series the following results are: A, A, C, C, A, where A is the bet from the column and C is bets on the numbers from the same line, you can continue the game by betting only on the numbers from these groups.