Staying safe at an online casino: five top tips

While it has gotten safer to play casino and slot games online over the years, it still pays for players to look out for their own security. Unfortunately, while some casinos may seem reputable on the surface, there may be a few hidden tricks that players simply don’t notice at first glance.

For players who are just starting online casino gaming, it is worth brushing up on some simple safety tips to keep money – and games – as protected as possible.

Check the finer details 

First, players should always check that the casino they wish to play at is fully secure and up to date. For example, they can check that the site they are joining has an updated security certificate by clicking or tapping the ‘padlock’ symbol in the address bar for details. Updated security certificates are mandatory for safety and protection from hackers!

While in the address bar, players should note the very start of the web address. Is there ‘http’ or ‘https’ at the start of the domain? If it is ‘http’, players should step away. This means the website isn’t running on a secure protocol. A huge majority of websites now run on https, a more secure platform for keeping data sharing safe. Gaming on sites using purely http, which is now hugely outdated, simply isn’t advisable.

Beyond this, players can check out the security details on the front page of any casino they visit. Does a local or national commission regulate them? Do they advise where they are registered? Players may not want to deal with a gaming site if any of these details are missing, as it could mean they are not legitimate.

Create a secure password 

As with all websites where users need to create their own accounts, users should always choose a password that is secure and unique. Players should avoid using pet names, maiden names, number sequences, and anything obvious that is easily identifiable.

Ideally, players should create a password that is fairly long, and includes a mix of upper-lowercase letters, numbers, & symbols where possible. If players are not sure how to create the best passwords from scratch, most browsers (Chrome, Safari, etc.) will let them create strong passwords automatically, to save to the browser profile.

One of the things users must-do for safely browsing casinos on mobile is to ensure they create login credentials that are unique to the user. TechShout goes into more detail in their article about how iOS is constantly evolving in terms of user protection. Players should make sure to follow their lead!

Use a familiar payment option 

Players who are completely new to online gaming will find that it is always worthwhile using a payment option they have used several times elsewhere before. For example, if they typically use PayPal or a standard debit card, it is worth checking with the prospective casino if players can deposit and withdraw with them.

Registering for a whole new payment and withdrawal option is inadvisable for players who are just getting started in gaming online. If they wish to use a new banking option, they should register at an online casino they are already familiar with. 

Read user reviews 

While a casino may seem legitimate on the surface, it is always a great idea to check what the users say about their experiences! Public reviews and ratings mean a lot to even the largest of casinos, which means it is always worth reading up and seeing if there is a common theme.

If it seems as though users frequently rate a specific site negatively, players do well to look elsewhere. They can try and find a casino that has balanced feedback – neither too negative nor too overwhelmingly positive.

Play on private data

Lastly, players should always make sure they play casino games through a data connection they know and trust. This might be a private 4G or 5G connection, for example, or home broadband.

Players must always avoid making payments and playing casino games through public hotspots or WiFi points. Unfortunately, these areas are the most likely to carry a high risk of hacking attempts. Unsecured public servers are often easy to intercept and steal user data from.

There are many things that players can do to help secure their experience at any online casino. However, they should also remember to create secure passwords, use banking options they trust, and listen to what others have to say.

In time, players will find it easier and easier to spot an illegitimate casino. For now, they should keep our tips above in mind and take care!